ALBT (AllianceBlock) Now Trading at Coinmetro


CoinMetro’s ALBT listing is the world’s first fiat gateway for the exciting utility token from AllianceBlock.

ALBT Listing

CoinMetro is the BEST fiat gateway in cryptocurrency. We provide fiat pairings for every crypto listed on the exchange. Therefore, it’s clear we’re focused on providing secure & reliable on/off ramps for quality blockchain projects & promising cryptocurrencies.  

The first-ever fiat trading pair for AllianceBlock is now live with ALBT/EUR! Initially, trading will be done via limit-orders only. Market Orders, the swap widget, & market makers are all coming over the next week or two.

AllianceBlock – ABLT Listing

This is an exciting project aiming to become the world’s first globally compliant, decentralized capital market. The AllianceBlock Protocol is building a bridge between traditional and decentralized finance, which seeks to unlock what could be trillions of dollars in capital. Additionally, AllianceBlock automates the conversion process of absolutely any digital or crypto asset, into a true bankable product.

Sounds amazing? That’s because it is amazing.

What is ALBT?

Everything from AllianceBlock has been done with long-term growth, and sustainability, in mind. Naturally, this includes ALBT. This multi-functional ERC-20 utility token is the backbone of the entire ecosystem. Like most cryptocurrencies, ALBT is a means of reward for node operators, staking, & other various network participants. It was designed to ensure demand & utility correlate with the growth of the platform as a whole.

ALBT Tokenomics - crypto token economics

It’s got all the heavy hitters when it comes to crypto tokenomics. ALBT features token burns, staking rewards, and it’s even required in order to pay a small fee for every transaction.

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