XCM Shows Strong Public Trust In Full Bear Market


Real Value Thrives Regardless of the Circumstances

When markets are down and assets depreciate – that’s when real value comes forth and you can clearly see who is holding their ground. In the present bear market, Coinmetro’s XCM token currently showcases a strong rebound of 300%, climbing back up near all-time highs, backed by strong investment amid the plummeting crypto landscape.


XCM – Among the Top 200 Assets

Fueled by significant investment, XCM is now sitting above €0.60. Traders who are taking advantage of our agile token have pushed XCM into top assets territory, now sitting among the CoinGecko Top 200 assets. This showcases the positive public sentiment built around Coinmetro and XCM at a time when the markets are in red and confusion abounds.

The recent climb also shows the power of our community and how we move as one so that everybody benefits from a healthy financial space and valuable crypto products.


Context & Implications

It’s hard to tell real value from speculation when the whole market is climbing. Optimism is all around, people are flocking to buy and a lot of assets will appreciate by simply getting pulled in with the hype. Bear markets though are a good moment for any investor to understand where they can find real value and assets that don’t easily bend.

At a time when major crypto assets are struggling, our recent XCM performance is signaling a new breed of modern investors and changemakers creating value on their terms.


Coinmetro – A Complete Crypto Ecosystem

For those who aren’t already taking advantage of our token, let’s have a look at the multi-purpose character of our native currency – the only one you’ll ever need.

Coinmetro’s native ERC-20 utility token XCM is a complex financial tool that is integrated into every part of our ecosystem. Every transaction and interaction that occurs on our platform is tied to XCM. Although complex in nature, it is designed to serve its purpose and the users in the most simple and efficient way.

Another important role of our token is in offering you opportunities to earn it. By simply making use of our platform through trading, margin trading, copy trading, or by using our unique swap widget, you can earn XCM.


Buying XCM

100% of all exchange fees collected by Coinmetro are used to buy XCM back from the order book with market orders. 50% of that XCM is then burned on a weekly basis. As platform usage increases, so does the demand for XCM. This favors an exponential growth of the whole system driven by an increase in price for the XCM.


XCM Staking Multi-Asset Rewards (MARs)

The XCM staking plans are empowering our customers to earn passive income and become an integral part of Coinmetro’s ever-expanding ecosystem. Loyal XCM holders are rewarded with a passive income stream, paid in XCM and other assets on a daily basis. Even better, all XCM stakers will receive additional bonus tokens such as  KDA (Kadena), Flux (FLUX), with many more coming in the near future.


Earn XCM for referrals

Our Referral Program is offering you 40% commission from your friends’ net trading fees.


Are you holding XCM already? We invite you to discover its potential and the many ways it can move your portfolio forward. Now is a good time for a dollar-cost averaging investment strategy (DCA) where you can gradually acquire positions in the asset on a weekly basis for instance, building a bigger position while the markets offer a good price.

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