5 Minutes of Crypto Fame – TV Series That Have Featured Crypto

We have a true gem waiting for you today – insights into the sweeping world of pop culture! Cryptocurrencies have seen more and more exposure recently. We’re starting to get to the point where we don’t have to explain what Bitcoin is anymore. Hollywood seems to be catching on and we’re seeing the appearance of numerous crypto movies and TV shows. In today’s article, we’re going to have a look at some of the most popular TV series that have featured cryptocurrencies.


We Have to Start With The Simpsons

There is just no other way around it – you know you have made it when you get featured on The Simpsons! The first shoutout was back in 2013, when the term “Bitcoin” slipped through for just a second. This is a true case of “5 minutes of fame” – as the mention was brief but surely the first exposure to cryptocurrencies for many viewers at the time. The show has also featured some cryptocurrency elements later on, as digital currencies have become a more ordinary part of our everyday lives. When you dive deeper, you can even find endless discussions on whether or not The Simpsons “predicted cryptocurrencies” in an episode back in 1997, when an establishment called the Crypto Barn was featured. It is up to anyone to decide what level of involvement The Simpsons had in the crypto history.



Silicon Valley and the PiedPiperCoin

Silicon Valley – the favorite TV show of the stereotypical startupper living in Palo Alto and developing an on demand shared economy app for gluten free dog cookies (that is based on Blockchain, ofcourse). This show goes far beyond other examples in featuring crypto, as it devotes several episodes to it. The guys working at Pied Piper, the protagonist company of the series, turn to crypto after a row of disappointing experiences with VCs. The show even features a PowerPoint presentation about cryptocurrencies and the plot leads to an ICO, thus welcoming PiedPiperCoin into the world of fictional digital assets.



The Big Bang Theory Features Mining

Similarly to Silicon Valley, the Big Bang Theory is a show where we expected crypto to pop up – and we weren’t disappointed! This series features a whole episode dedicated to crypto in 2017 and it all starts from – you guessed it – price discussions. The guys talk about how the price of Bitcoin has increased and suddenly remember they mined a bunch of it back in 2010. Then follows the oldest story ever told – they realize they lost track of their wallet and their potential fortune vanishes into thin air.



Parks and Recreation’s (Hilarious) Take on Crypto

This one is quite a hilarious take on pop culture meeting cryptocurrencies. One of America’s favorite mockumentaries showing the life of mid level bureaucrats in Indiana features this exact sentence: “PayPal me some Bitcoins when you get a chance”. Although it’s great to see Parks & Rec catching on to the crypto world, finding the logic in that sentences leaves most crypto enthusiasts puzzled. While it makes about as much sense as saying “Skype me some Google” or “fax me an e-mail” – we are still pumped to see crypto entering the popular world of mockumentaries


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