3 Reasons Why CoinMetro Is the Best Crypto Exchange!


If you’ve been following us on our social media channels, you may’ve noticed that we’ve been asking you for your reasons why choose CoinMetro. Is it the team, the community, the products and services, or everything combined?

Today, we’ll highlight the three absolute reasons why we think CoinMetro is the best crypto exchange! YES, WE DO!

We’re an all-in-one platform

CoinMetro is not just an exchange or a crypto education source or else… it’s all in one!

We offer not one, not two, but three exchange platforms with multiple views, education, banking services, entertainment, and so much more! CoinMetro aims to redefine the fintech industry as you know it by building something unique that lasts.

The crypto-verse is evolving rapidly on all fronts. On the tech side with advances in blockchain, security, and integration; on the regulatory side in relation to government policies and agencies; and with respect to the traditional banking system and financial institutions. CoinMetro has always been dedicated to security, user-experience, and regulatory compliance. Equally important, is our willingness to build bridges between crypto and the traditional financial sector.

Transparency is our middle name

We’re happy and excited to have built a transparent company with a dedicated team and a loyal community to support us. We have nothing to hide, as can been seen from our live Q&A sessions with CoinMetro’s CEO Kevin Murcko and the social media channels: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Not yet a follower? Be sure to subscribe not to miss your daily dose of updates and fun!

Every week, you can ask us anything you want on subReddit, and we mean it when we say anything. Proof or it didn’t happen!

Compliance is sacred

Building relationships with banks, regulatory agencies, and financial services is an ongoing process. CoinMetro has made significant headway with respect to licensing and compliance.

We’ve obtained an Estonian e-Money license and are currently, and quite successfully, working with other relevant agencies to expand our regulatory footprint.

Yes, we’re 100% pro-KYC and will never get tired of reminding you about the importance of becoming fully verified.

The CoinMetro Team