2019 in Crypto – Infographic


We are excited to see what 2020 will be like for crypto! However, let’s first take a step back and see what the highlights of 2019 were. Enjoy the infographic we put together for you – it has an overview of the events that dominated crypto headlines for the most part of 2019. 

2019 In Crypto

Libra in the Headlines

Facebook unveiled their cryptocurrency Libra to the world in June. Zuckerberg’s ambitious plans were halted in July, as the Congress requested a stop-order on the venture.

Ethereum Cleared by the SEC

March brought long awaited news for Ethereum – the SEC had been investigating their ICO from 2014 and finally reached a decision. They announced that ETH is not considered a security and will not be regulated as such.

Bakkt Launches Bitcoin Futures

After a series of hurdles and regulatory delays, Bakkt finally made physically delivered Bitcoin futures available in September. They followed up by launching the first regulated Bitcoin options and cash settled futures in the U.S. in December.

China pivots towards blockchain

President Xi altered China’s image in the crypto sphere when he announced that the country will be seizing opportunities arising from Blockchain. China also scrapped their plans for banning crypto in November.

These were the highlights of 2019. You can now start writing your own crypto history by checking out our demo platform. It’s accessible without having to sign up. If you like it, you can always sign up, go through KYC and start trading on one of our three awesome platforms! Feel free to contact our support team in case you have further questions.