CoinMetro is a one stop financial marketplace for the digital asset economy. Our main goal is to simplify Crypto and push mass adoption.

By way of a fully licensed tokenized ecosystem, CoinMetro provides a gateway for novice and professional traders – as well as both experienced and not so experienced investors – to get involved in the crypto space with an ease-of-access not yet seen in the industry. Our goal, above all else, is to make sure that your overall CoinMetro experience is nothing short of exemplary.

Serious About Regulation

"There is no path to market maturity that does not involve smart regulation.
There is no path to smart regulation that does not involve the leaders of the crypto community."
Kevin Murcko, CEO of CoinMetro
Licensed to provide virtual currency wallet services
Estonia FIU License Number FRK000121. This operational license grants CoinMetro the ability to provide crypto and fiat currency eWallet services.
Licensed to provide fiat to virtual currency exchange services
Estonia FIU License Number FVR000143. This operational license grants CoinMetro the ability to provide fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, and crypto to crypto exchange services.

Our Team

“ Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful. ”
- Jeff Bezos

Kevin Murcko

A FX Veteran and A Crypto Enthusiast before the term was even a ‘thing’

Kristi Salamaa

Human Resources Officer
To create a great team you need a great HR department, which means you need a great HR Director. Enter Kristi. A great addition to the team and a great eye for talent.

Alina Varkki

Compliance Director
Audit, Control, and Risk Mitigation. The ‘compliance trifecta.’ Compliance is an important piece of our ecosystem and Alina is a welcomed addition to our growing team.

Alexander Laurence Corkhill

Global Content Director
Our resident poet laureate. Alex is a master wordsmith. As our Global Content Director, he’s ultimately responsible for all of the letters. Everywhere.

Maris Lepp

Executive Assistant

Danny De Gier


Regina Bustillos

Customer Support Manager

Julia Wallenius

Marketing Officer
A FX Veteran and A Crypto Enthusiast before the term was even a ‘thing’

Niels Moltmaker

Marketing Officer
Niels is the guy you call when you need to scale your digital advertising accounts. An experienced digital marketing account manager he is ready to help CoinMetro become a brand to be reckoned with.

Ilja Ševtšuk

Customer Support Officer

Carlo Fernandez

Customer Support Officer

Sylvain Legay

Our numbers guy, a corporate veteran turned startup aficionado

Salvatore Cunsolo

Technology Director
Fresh off his PHD, Sal is, well… a genius. He is an automation expert with ample experience in creating simplified tech to solve complex problems.

Biljana Kukeska

Client Experience Director
A political scientist on Twitter. In todays social climate that seems like a perfect fit

Giovanni Ziccardi

Mobile Environment Director
Giovanni is helping us build a brand that can change an industry

Rory Baxter

Senior WebApp Developer
A FX Veteran and A Crypto Enthusiast before the term was even a ‘thing’

Cosmin Capitanu

Senior UI/UX Designer
A true artist with an eye for usability and a knack for creating awesome user experiences.

Anton Corbijn

Senior Blockchain Developer
You would think his birth certificate was the original smart contract

DunHao Zhuang

Senior Front End Developer
DunHao brings with him over a decade of experience in creating amazing frontend applications

Zheming Jin

Senior Front End Developer
The term full stack was coined because of devs like Zheming. This guy designs enterprize applications in his sleep


Senior Customer eXperience AI
This guy only needs one name; He is open, honest, and well… Frank

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CoinMetro Offices

Hong Kong

Our Asian base and administrator of our token sale and XCM token issuer.

Estonia – Tallinn

The EU arm and base of operations for the exchange. Granted approval for an eWallet as well as a Fiat to Crypto Exchange license.

Mexico – Cancun

Our LATAM customer support hub.

Ukraine - Lviv

The European arm of our global customer support network.

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